Cigdem Yangin-Gomec, Borte Kose Mutlu, Ebru Dulekgurgen, Aysegul Tanik, Izzet Ozturk


This paper discusses the modifications in the “Graduation Design Project” -a senior-year course in Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program (EEUP) of Istanbul Technical University (ITU)- which were implemented primarily for improving students’ learning skills in environmental engineering design, and also for better assessment and evaluation (A&E) of the learning outcomes adopted from those set by ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) in Program Criteria for Environmental and Similarly Named Engineering Programs. This paper also includes an extensive description of steps taken to ensure consistency among student team projects, detailed grading rubrics, and an overview of the overall grading system for Graduation Design Projects (GDPs). Comparative evaluation of outcome (OC) based assessment results from 8 semesters indicates that the senior-year GDP course falls short in achieving the targeted performance regarding OC1 and OC5 that addresses the freshman and sophomore/junior year levels, respectively. Assessment results from 8 semesters also indicates that the senior-year GDP course falls short in achieving the targeted performance regarding OC8 that addresses sophomore/junior/senior years. Hence, GDP course needs to be reviewed/improved with respect to those outcomes, yet it is distinctly successful in realizing the learning outcomes addressing junior and senior years (OC7&11), as well as those others addressing sophomore/junior/senior years (OC3&4).

Palabras clave

Assessment and Evaluation; Accreditation; Graduation Design Project; Environmental Engineering; Rubric

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Official web-page of Istanbul Technical University (ITU):

Official web-page of ABET:

Official web-page of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education):

Official web-page of MÜDEK:

Official web-page of ITU Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program’s ABET Accreditation:

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Rubric for Graduation Design Project at ITU Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program:

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